Kara Flietstra is the woman on the inside. She is badass – not only because she LIVES #theFluxlife by handling a lot of the action that goes on behind the gears of Flux Bindings, but also because she makes these Dank Donuts, no joke. It is always cool chatting with the professional chick riders, but the girls who work for the snowboard industry are living quite a life too. Read on about ‘the Resident boss lady’ of Flux and her passions for bindings and donuts!


Kara, where do you hail from? Where you at now?

I grew up and am living in Long Beach, California and travel as much as I can. Long Beach is the perfect spot for a daycationer like myself—I’m near tons of beaches packed with some major babes, and I’m 2 hours from the mountains, the desert, or the lake. Living in Long Beach, it’s easy to be at the beach in the morning, the snow in the afternoon, and then back in the water by sunset.

Whenever I see you behind Flux you’re hanging in Japan and updating Facebook and the site, what exactly do you do at Flux?

Being a small company, I wear many hats and learn a lot working for Flux. I started working as an intern and have since worked my way to the position I am in today. I am the team manager, social marketing guru, customer service person, binding doctor, media liaison, market expert, clutter organizer, money collector, postage pro, event coordinator, promoter, and what I like to call, ‘the resident boss lady.’ I work with two other dudes here at the US office where we manage everything outside of Asia. I’ve been lucky enough to visit the Flux headquarters in Japan, so we can swap ideas and work together to keep making the best snowboard bindings in the world.


What are your biggest passions and how do you get to utilize them through Flux?

I love snowboarding. I once heard, ‘When you love something, it tells you all its secrets.’ I had no experience going into this job, but I have been motivated learn because I truly love snowboarding. There are plenty of days I’d rather be ripping snow than sitting at my desk—but when I get frustrated, irritated, or stressed out, I step back and think to myself, “At least I’m not selling makeup.” The fact that I love snowboarding helps keep me going and growing. In the end, what I do for Flux is a contribution to snowboarding as a whole. I want to shred until my legs fall off. I want my nieces and nephews to praise the powder that occasionally falls from the sky. I want to support shred junkies who live on fresh tracks, that perfect line, huge drops, and sick air! For our snowboard culture to grow, the snowboard business needs to grow and I’m happy to be a part of that. Having a true passion for snowboarding is what got me where I am today.

What Flux bindings are you on?

I’ve tried a lot of bindings! I try to test as many as possible. I really love the SF’s because of how responsive they are, but I also like the GU’s with soft urethane highbacks for surfier days! Nevertheless, my favorite pair of bindings are and probably will always be the ones I got to build myself. Last year I visited the factory—I felt like I was in an episode of ‘How it’s Made.’ With some help from the professionals, I put together my own ratchets, straps, cushioning, and even gave it my own print!


What’s it like being a girl at Flux? Do you ever notice? Are there other chicks there too?

Being a girl in the snowboard industry is funny. You get to hang out with a lot of dudes! There are a lot of girls that snowboard, but not many who actually are working in the snowboard industry. The ones that are, are boss ladies. The girls that do things for themselves. Soul shredders. Ladies who work hard, know what they want, and get it. They don’t meet standards, they set them. Women have a lot to offer to the snowboard world—we just need more boss ladies to step up.

Favorite memory that was totally #theFluxLife?

My life is snowboarding, and snowboarding is my job. My whole life is #theFluxlife! Some of my favorite memories are from Japan. Having a beer in Tokyo while talking snowboarding—can’t get more Flux’d than that!

You were recently in Hood, tell us about that!

I take the annual pilgrimage to Hood every summer because it is awesome. Shredding in July– It always blows my mind! If you haven’t been to Hood during the summer, get out there! This year, my goal was to make the whole trip free. In 2010 I started Dank Donuts—the real breakfast of champions. I make organic, #bakednotfried, donuts! I also make vegan and gluten free donuts. I started by taking donuts to the mountain whenever I rode, and it grew from there. The shred community has been super supportive and I want to keep spreading the donut love. On this trip to Hood we delivered donuts and sold t-shirts, stickers, and #kooliekup’s to Dank Donut supporters the whole way up the coast! Keep an eye out for Dank Donuts! And support the dream at www.dankdonuts.com

Any big plans coming up?!

Working hard! We have a lot of big plans for Flux this upcoming season. I hope to continue growing the brand while and supporting the snowboard culture I love so much. Before you know it, we will be back on the snow again!


Got any advice for girl shredders or girls who want to work in the shred industry?

Meet as many people as you can and be yourself! Grow your own personality and style. Have confidence in who you are and where you are going. Be willing to work for free and work hard.