“As JetPack travels further and further into deep space it becomes more difficult to maintain constant contact. This transmission was picked up late yesterday as we were trying to contact part of the crew currently located in the North Eastern Nebula. Their mission was to return to the area in order to collect more detailed samples from the Scorpion Bowl Asteroid Belt and to compete in the interstellar games on the planet Loon which brings together life forms from all across the galaxy. We wish the voyagers luck as they continue on their trajectory to the many moons of the great white planet of Quebec”.

2 Hours at Loon from JETPACK on Vimeo.

Jetpack girls brought it all the way to the East Coast to cruise the Loony bin before the annual Last Call contest. The girls packed in 2 hours and got the footage stacked to prove it.


Boarders: Grace Mayernick, Nirvana Ortanez, Danika Duffy, Mary Rand, Athena