Welcome back TUBscribers! The Birds are back on wordpress and here to tell you what they have been up to! It seems they have strayed a little from their original media site, but hopefully everyone has been following on Facebook and Twitter as well to get all of their VNTRbirds information. Don’t get left behind and make sure you check in with the birds to get all the latest female shred edits and contests information.

VNTRbirds had a wonderful snowboard season over on the East Coast after returning from New Zealand. As the last post told, there was not much snow in December, but Mother Nature really stepped it up later on and the E.C. saw some great days. Jaybird of course was holding down the TUB name on Mount Snow and Kellz was over at Loon. A few contests brought the birds together naturally like the TransWorld TransAm! Where both of the birds made it into the finals!


In the end Lauren Tamposi from southern New Hampshire took the win at Waterville Valley, NH. After the handful of contests the Birds periodically reunited for some shred together. A bit of footage was taken and a lot of mountains were slain.


One of the more important events that happened with VNTRbirds this season was Girls Day Out, hosted at Mount Snow in Dover, Vermont. In March, the girls took over Carinthia Park. A beautiful blue bird day stirred the energy in everyone. Jay and Kellz took on the challenge of coaching different groups of girls of all freestyle ability, from beginner to more advanced to enhance not only their tricks in the park, but their confidence to really try to go for anything.

TUB was honored to be brought out to Mount Snow and be a part of such a great event. The girls under the birds’ coaching took to heart how much snowboarding really means to TUB. The progression of the riders within one day was so impressive the birds know they will return every year that Mount Snow puts this event on. From just freshly learning to ride switch or hit a box, to spinning onto rails and successfully completing a frontboard first try, the girls that came out were remarkable!




Photo Creds: Jess Trimble

The season thus came to a very abrupt close for the Birds though. Not wishing for the snow crowd to forget about VNTRbirds until next season the girls went into action. The original tee-shirts were well sold out and a new logo was created. Fresh stickers were the next to be pressed out and a lot of you TUB fans received these stickers with personal messages.


The stickers were out as rapidly as they were brought in which sent TUB into a tizzy to get more. The hype of VNTRbirds is still growing which is only motivating Kellz and Jay to move ahead and progress with this company along with the progression of the female community in snowboarding. Now since the summer months have fallen in place, and the Birds will be in America finally experiencing an actual summer tank tops have been produced. VNTRbirds are proud of their products; the tall style and simple design shows what VNTRbirds is here for a simple reason – to give the progress of female snowboarders the exposure they need to succeed. There are a lot of us out there, it’s just time to open your eyes and see what they can do!


Please keep checking in here at wordpress and also follow along TUB on Facebook. Look out for new products as well as the new batch of tank tops currently being made. We are here to stay and planning some great trips for this summer.