Mascara Militia is a crew of East Coast ladies who can definitely hold their own. With positive vibes and passion for this past time we call life; MaMi wants to prove themselves through there riding. On December 8th, Rails to Riches at Killington brought together a few of the MaMi girls including the founder, Britt Horowitz. I got the chance to sit down with this ever-smiling girl and discuss what it is that drives this militia to shred.

What is the motivation behind Mascara Militia?
It started with myself, Anna [Lienau] and Eliza [Audet]. We sort of were like, ‘we should make a girl crew!’ It was just for fun. Then we started meeting a lot of chill girls. I was doing a lot of contests that year so it just grew.

Describe MaMi: How many girls are on it? How do you become part of the militia?
There are 12 girls. I refined it from 15 last year. I’m looking for girls with abilities, confidence and good attitudes. If we’re at a contest we don’t want girls being like, ‘oh, well that girl sucks’.

So is it contest driven?
No! I mean I do a lot of contests, but it’s not required buy air max 2014. It’s more about presence and progression. There are younger girls looking up to us like Maggie Leon [14]. We’re just trying to get girls stoked on snowboarding.

I also want to mention that MaMi isn’t like a big feminist movement, we’re not overtly feminist and we don’t walk around complaining that prize money doesn’t match or that girls and guys are treated differently. We are just trying to ignore all that stuff, and prove ourselves with riding and positive attitudes. It’s where we got our motto “Ride More, Care Less.”

R: Britt Horowitz
P: MacKenzie Hennessey

P: MacKenzie Hennessey

What’s the filming aspect of Mami?
Just like competing all the girls aren’t expected to film but we’re trying to give them opportunities to film. Basically we noticed that guys’ edits are a dime a dozen but there aren’t that many female edits you can look up on vimeo or whatever. So it’s cool to try to put out more progressive videos to stoke girls out on and show them that there are ladies out there trying to improve their riding! Ladies edits are easier to relate to; of course we still like and watch guys’ edits, but the trick levels are completely different.

Home Mountain Shout Out!
Sugarbush, VT. That’s home base. It helped name Mascara Militia. We first used it as a joke that none of us wore make-up, but I knew how to put on mascara. Then we found out the Kennedy’s used to go there and Sugarbush was nicknamed Mascara Mountain back in the day new balance shoes online sale. A weird coincidence.

How many MaMi girls are in Rails to Riches today?
There were four of us competing today: myself, Lily [Calabrese] who ended up with stitches in her knee from the close out, Victoria Ashley and Maggie.

Maggie Leon holding her own – disaster to 50-50 down-flat-down
P: MacKenzie Hennessey

Style and ease from Lily Calabrese
P: MacKenzie Hennessy

You and Lily made it to the finals tonight, are you stoked? What tricks are you going to try for?
Yes. The set up is sick, but I’m just winging it right now nike sale air max. I sprained my AC joint in my shoulder and strained my sternoclavicular joint two days before the Loaded Turkey Jam. The conditions are fast so it’s hard and the mist makes it difficult to see – can’t wear my goggles, but fun.

You are probably the only person I know that slays a down, flat, down barrel with a smile on their face.
Haha, yeah. I’m always cheesin’.

R: Lily Calabrese
P: MacKenzie Hennessey

R: Britt Horowitz
P: MacKenzie Hennessey


You had a few rail jams last season including the Not Your Girl Jam. Should we be expecting any more this season?
Not sure if we will be doing any more rail jams. I’ve been busy working on website and I’m graduating this week. But we’re working with White Flag to do Park Affair. It’ll be a three day camp at Sugarbush. We’re also thinking maybe slope styles.

Personally, what are you working on for this season, trick-wise?
A lot of new rail tricks since that’s all I do. I want to start hitting jumps buy nike air max 90 cheap. I tried to last season but last year I dislocated & fractured my elbow at Rails to Riches so coming back this year was interesting for me.

What’s in the future for Mascara Militia?
We’re thinking about doing a five day road trip, ‘5 Mountains in 5 Days’. It’s still in the works though: Sugarbush, Waterville, Whiteface, Nashoba Valley, and another (possibly Carinthia).


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