“Hundreds of feet off the ground on a highline in Lebanon, I’m exposed. This gap that I am crossing is a physical one, and it makes me think of the other gaps in the world; the ones between cultures and social classes and how we can help to bridge those gaps”.
Sonya Iverson

Sonya Iverson is a professional highline slackliner, who is trying to change the world. Originally taking the path to becoming a scientist, Sonya realized her true calling was to be outside. As she bridged the gaps of her slack line time and time again, she realized that these gaps could be more than just physical. With her connections she made in her sport, Sonya presented an idea: use slacklining to close cultural gaps. This is how Crossing Lines was born. Lebanon is a small country that is now home to thousands of refugee from the surrounding war. Sonya has reached out to the refugee camps and shelter and had introduced slacklining to many.

“But the thing about drawing lines is that we get to decide if they connect, or divide”.