Waking up, it was finally a snowy morning in Colorado. The dry beginning of winter was making everyone impatient. This fresh snowfall spiked more than just excitement, it triggered the true start of the season. Eldora Mountain Resort was our destination. The Colorado Shred Ladies were hosting their second stop of their six-event series. With help from Boarding for Breast Cancer (B4BC) we rounded up a crew of over 20 girls, of all ages and abilities to join in on some seriously fun shredding.

taking over Eldora
p: Olivia Mackanich

pressing it through
r: Leanne Wren

As we lined up to strap in and load the old two-sitter chairlift, the friendships began. The magnetic force of the snowboard community is astronomical. We have this one similar interest, a passion that drives us through the harsh colds and blustery winds to keep us on snow. We were chattering the whole, slow ride up on the antique lift. Opening up to complete strangers and trusting that she would catch you if the chair bounced you off since they were made before the idea of safety bars.

sporting VNTRbirds’ hoods

After some warm-up laps at high speeds through the steep slopes of Eldora, and slashing up the freshies, we made our way to Woodward’s terrain park and let loose. Girls were trying new tricks and making first attempts at features with the rest of us shouting out the stoke and encouragements. Woodward created a great park full of variety and smooth transitions.

r: Kelley Wren

Smiles were in great supply throughout the entire day. Riding until our tired muscles called for help and then asking for five more minutes. But once the lifts quit turning, we partied-on by meeting up at West Flanders Brewing in Boulder. To finish the night we watched Full Moon Film and had a raffle with all proceeds donated to Boarding for Breast Cancer. With over $400 donated, the ladies were sported with new gear and other prizes from all the sponsors.

There are four more events lined up for the Shred Ladies and next is at Winter Park on January 20th. For the full schedule visit Colorado Shred Ladies site.

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Words: Kelley Wren
Photos: Scott Schlegel