Words & Photos: Cat Nicol

On the 8th of August and 6th of September The Burton ‘Snowbroads’ Girls Camp kicked off at The Remarkables in New Zealand this year. The weather couldn’t of been a better bluebird day for both sessions of the camps, and what made it even better was having some freshies to kick start the day…ah yes..Pow laps! The levels of ‘Stoke’ were an all time high throughout the day from faceshots in the morning to hitting the park in the afternoon. The girls had a real blast learning new tricks and skills and achieving their goals to throw down in the park and not feel intimidated. It was such an impressive turn out from everyone on both camp sessions and stoked to see so many girls take part in this awesome event. The days ended with speeches and rad give away prizes including one lucky winner to receive their very own Burton snowboard..now how’s that for a prize?!



Stoke levels at Burton Girl's Camp

Stoke levels at Burton Girl’s Camp


First morning hike- getting them freshies!

First morning hike- getting them freshies!


At the top of Look Out Point

At the top of Look Out Point

Chairlift selfies with my awesome group!

Chairlift selfies with my awesome group!


What the coaches had to say

Managed to get a couple of the coaches to write a little something towards the camp of their own personal experience and comments.

The Burton Camp was an awesome turn out! Big shout out to all the ladies who came out for the day, from epic powder laps to a rad park session they smashed it! #StokeLevelsWereHigh

– Alexe Patenaude [APat]

Imagine an epic day in the park, snowboarding with all your best buddies. No one else is around (well at least no one else concerning you). The skies are blue the vibes are high and taking a few tumbles is totally okay. Trying something new is the focus and any big egos have been kicked off the mountain. Fortunately enough this picture perfect day was becoming a reality for me, thanks to the Burton broads camp. Though by the time I was devouring my well deserved veggie burger and staring at my watch in disbelief that it was already 1pm and I realized the saying “time flies when you’re having fun,” is so very very true.
Now I honestly don’t think I can express in words how stoked I was to see these girls progress throughout the day. I felt like the proud embarrassing mother who deafeningly lets the crowd know “that’s my kid”!! So I could write an essay here about how rad our day was, but lets just say a few 50/50s turned into board slides, straight airs became grabs, and everyone became a little dizzy from spinning countless 180s (front and backside might I add!)

– Cayley Alger

I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who joined us for a rad and unforgettable time on both camps. Appreciated the vibes everyone created and sharing the levels of ‘Stoke’ to one another. Watching the girls have a blast and sharing their skills to eachother of what they learn’t on the day keeps you smiling. A big ups to all the coaches who took part, you guys made it worthwhile.

– Cat Nicol

Shout out to the sponsors:

Burton NZ, Lone Star Queenstown, Amisfield, Body Sanctum, Mons Royale, SITE Trampoline & Bolle.
Thank you to The Remarkables for your awesome mountain and putting on a great show for the Burton Girl’s Camps. Hopefully we will be back for more shredding antics for next year.