Crewed up at Rocky Mountain Underground in Breckenridge, CO and took off to the single track. Seven women trekking from Main Street to the Wellington Trail they cruised by the creek until the B&B trailhead was in sight. Climbing the dusty and rocky trail these dirt sisters took a turn to cruise downhill and create their own fresh breeze through the hot morning. Mini Mine got their heart rates up again before pumping through the rollers and drifting berms on X10U8. A quick rip through the Pump Track and Bike Park before sending it down to the RMU Tavern to __ of the fun trails, new friends and mimosas!


If you missed out on this ride, we have three more dates coming up! August 11th, August 21st and September 11th! Find more information on our Facebook event page here: BABES on BIKES

Racing the pump track
Zooming the single track
Big wheeler
Back in time for mimosas!