Clemens Millauer / Anna Gasser / Summershred / 2015 from on Vimeo.

Anna rides for Burton, Red Bull, Anon, Love, Snowpark Goldeck and Blue Tomato
Clemens rides for Burton, Analog, Anon, Love, Absolut Park and Blue Tomato

Tune: We Alright – Young Money feat. Euro & Birdman & Lil Wayne

It’s so rad to see a guy and a girl have their summer season video editted up together. Anna Gasser and Clemens Millauer are shredding up the Superpark Dachstein glacier and showing off their techinal tricks in the summer heat. With both of the parts switching it up per few tricks, shows how Anna’s progression is right up there with the guys with her own sweet style. Check out the edit above and look out for more from Anna next season!