Whimsical (adj.): to be spontaneous, unusual and unique. This is how Whimsy adopted their new name for their board-sport company. How are they able to claim this title? Their company, popping out of Pocatello, Idaho is geared directly towards an all-girl audience. Cleide Kilpack and Abbie Berg wanted to start up a girl community “just to see who was all out there” as Cleide recalls. Just three months ago, they moved from just a Facebook page named ‘Lady Shredders’ to ‘Whimsy’ with a defined mission: “It’s for girls who love to come together and enjoy life riding and being weird”!

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And the two-girl crew is looking to grow, “in the near future we hope to have an actual team set up so we can enter in competitions and film through the year”. These girls can be found at their local skate park in the summer, but it’s the snow that really captures Cleide and Abbie’s hearts: “We both prefer snow just because it’s a lot more forgiving than concrete”. When asked which way they head on mountain, park or cruisers they responded with, “Actually, neither. We spend most of our winter days finding street features or hiking up mountains to ride in the back country”. So if you’re able to make it out to Idaho, search out these two and maybe they’ll show you their secret Log Spot.

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Whimsy currently has skate decks, balance boards and apparel available on their website: https://whimsyboards.bigcartel.com/. These products are at a great price and are shown love through the entire making process. Keep checking in as well because the girls are planning on expanding to snowboards, wakeboards and skim boards. For those of you that can’t or won’t splurge for a new deck, Whimsy is also having a give-away contest. So go like their Facebook page and try your luck!



Words: Kelley Wren

Photos provided by Whimsy