Beaman on Women’s Slopestyle

Hana Beaman meets up with Transworld Snowboarding to give her thoughts on the state of women's slopestyle in 120 seconds. Beaman uses her time to discuss how women's snowboarding all around is progressing and starts her section with, "I always get kind of bummed when I see women's slopestyle getting cut or the short end of the stick". Women's snowboarding is the "biggest it's been" and Beaman is doing what she can to get that recognized new balance 1500. Hear what she has to say.

Hana's 120 Seconds




Girls’ Riding is Going Off!

Bridging the gender gap in snowboarding is really what created the motivation behind VNTRbirds. To see female riders all going hard, creating their own names in the industry and pushing each other further is what T.U.B. is all about and it's good to see that we are not alone.

This week came out with an article toasting to the potential closing of the gender gap where can you buy cheap jordans. Inside they talk about the "next wave of women's snowboarding". Ex-Olympic snowboarder Tricia Byrnes is on the same page as she claims, “Events are best when both sexes are present and it’s just snowboarding, not men’s snowboarding or women’s snowboarding.”

Peep this article for yourself: getting credit where credit was rightfully earned.

Bridging the Gap & Their Say



Laura Hadar’s Choice

Every different snowboard press (Snowboarder, Transworld Snowboarding, ect...) has their own Gear Guide. Through the continuous pages of hard goods and new trending jackets and pants, females' product isn't actually lacking, but definitely the minority of the products. Laura Hadar hooked up with ESPN and decided to lend a helping hand and made her own Gear Guide cheap womens new balance shoes. From her snowboards of choice to the gloves she won't ever leave behind, you have the access to check out her top picks! Just click the link below..

Hadar's Gear Guide!






Nikita’s New, Long-awaited Snowboard Line

Nikita, a well-known female outerwear company has finally dipped their toes in the world of hardgoods. For the 2012/13 season, Nikita is launching their first line of girl specific snowboards by girls who ride for girls who ride buy air max 90. Check out Nikita's founder, Heida Birgisdottir's interview with Transworld Business' Mike Lewis which includes a quick clip of their product testing.

"We are longtime dedicated snowboarders..." - Heida Birgisdottir

Peep Show’s ‘Wanderlust’ Teaser

Peep Show snowboarding released their teaser for their upcoming webisode series 'Wanderlust.' Peep Show's all-girl crew has been around for awhile with consistent edits and movies each season. The girls of PS include legends Torah Bright, Kjersti Buaas, Erin Comstock, Corinne Pasela, Robin van Gyn and many more! These girls go hard and continue to be a strong representation of what girl riding is all about. Get with it & check it out! Already looking forward to seeing the series!

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