Project 282 from perch on Vimeo.

“I guess what I want to achieve is to live a life I don’t have to get away from”.

Emily Scott

After racing an Iron Man a year, Emily Scott started to feel a little burned out. She loved the thrill of race day, but didn’t want to be defined by it. As she took a step back to see what would make her happy in the outdoors again, she found her new goal, Project 282. There are 282 Munros in Scotland – any peak over 3,000 feet counts. She highlighted routes for biking and ones for hiking. She’d cycle to the munro then hike to the summit before hopping back on her bike for the next destination. This took her only 120 days. Emily was fundraising for three UK based emergency charities: the Mountain Bothy Association, Association of Air Ambulances and Scottish Mountain Rescue.